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FREE READ!! – Extended Excerpt of GLIMPSED

I am totally the girl who doesn't check out a library book (let's not even talk about forking over actual money at a bookstore) until after I've read a few pages and gotten sucked into the story. So, I figure—fair is fair—you should get the chance to read a little of GLIMPSED.

Just click on the link to read the first 2 chapters! If you're enjoying it, please do request it from your library or pick up a copy from your local bookstore (out January 5 from Simon & Schuster).

Glimpsed 2 chapter excerpt
Download PDF • 867KB

Most libraries are happy to purchase a book if they don't already have it. To make a purchase request, you'll need GLIMPSED's magical ISBN number:

ISBN 9781534471351 (hardcover) | ISBN 9781534471375 (ebook)

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