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Introducing (drum roll......) The Book Monsters Vlog!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Remember Cookie Monster from Sesame Street? My 12-year-old said yesterday, "I just realized that Cookie Monster never actually ate any cookies. He just crunched them up and let them fall all over. And that he didn't have an actual mouth." (Past tense like he's dead to her.)

Aside: Tween revelations are one of my favorite things at the moment. The jokes she's heard 20 times and suddenly gets. The song lyrics that click into place. The "wait a second" moments. It's a laugh a minute, I tell ya.

But, speaking of Cookie Monster, that 12-year-old and I had this Big Idea: we should do a book review vlog. Because here's the deal: there are tons of grown-up vloggers, bloggers, bookstagrammers, and booktubers, but we don't know of any legit tween reviewers for books geared toward tweens. That just ain't right. Tweens want their voices heard!

And because we love to gobble down books the way Cookie Monster gobbles cookies, we're calling ourselves The Book Monsters.

We figured we should rate books with emojis, because tweens basically only speak emoji. It's their heart language. So we drew our own awesome emoji rate-icons.

And then we thought we should also review movies. 'Cuz family movies don't need Oscars, they need to make families happy. So what if Rotten Tomatoes hated it? If it made a 12-year-old laugh until her mother's ears were bleeding, that should count for something. Right?

And then we decided to invite 10 and 8 to join us. This had mixed results. Turns out 10 is our crack director, video editor, and emoji artist. As well as very opinionated about her books. WIN! But 8 is a real wildcard. He mostly makes fart noises, walks in front of the camera, and gets up and leaves when he's bored.

We're having a ton of fun doing this together. And I hope you have a ton of fun watching our book and movie reviews! If you like our videos, you should definitely subscribe. It's what the cool kids do.

So, here it is: The Book Monsters!

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