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The Call, a true story

Updated: May 27, 2020

Once upon a time, an amazing agent / fairy godmother named Kim Lionetti called me and said something like, "I love your story. Let's team up."

What led up to that call was:

- 3 completed first drafts (2 RomComs and something else entirely)

- 1 half-finished second-world fantasy (someday, the world may be ready for her)

- 11 total rewrites

- 52 critique-group meetings

- 514 writerly podcasts

- 7 books on writing craft

- 123 query rejections

- 22 full or partial-manuscript requests

- 12 chiropractic adjustments

- 191 downward facing dogs

- 296 sniggers at my own dialogue

- 708 tears at tragedies both real and fictitious

Are some of those total guesses? Of course. I'm a fiction writer (and who counts their down dogs?). The point is, it's a lot of stuff. And I tell you all this because authors looking to get published are always searching for "how to break in" and some give up because all the doors seem to be closed. If that's you, maybe these factoids speak to you. Getting published takes perseverance.

But It's not only about weathering rejection; you have to get better. You need to find critique partners who will be brutally honest with you. You need to be willing to hear the truth about your work. You need to learn how to write a better story and a better sentence and a better query letter. You need to practice your craft. When you and your work are ready, the doors will open. It will feel like magic.

Check out the Bookends Lit blog that made me almost as internet famous as my friend Aimee's dog. (Just kidding. I'm not even close.)

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